Sunday, August 5, 2012

"The Making of Chasing Mavericks"

Chasing Mavericks, A bio pic about the life of Mavericks surfer Jay Moriarity started production in October, 2011.

The film stars Gerard Butler as Frosty Hesson, Abigail Spencer as Brenda Hesson, Frosty's wife. Jonny Weston as Jay Moriarty, Elizabeth Shue as Christy Moriarty, Jays Mother; Leven Rambin as Kim Moriarty, Jay's Wife. Maya Rains plays Roque Hesson daughter for Frosty and Brenda, Patrick and Asher Tesler (twins) portray Lake, son of Frosty and Brenda.

On December 19, 2011, film star Gerard Butler escaped a near death accident while filming the movie. He was pounded by a set of 12–16 foot waves at Mavericks. Butler was held underwater for several waves and dragged through rocks until rescued by a safety worker on a jetski.[11] According to, "Butler was knocked off his board by a freak wave. He was trapped underwater as two more waves went over him, and witnesses say he took the force of four or five waves to the head. He was also dragged through rocks before rescuers managed to reach him and get him to the shore. Butler was conscious when pulled from the water and has spent the next sixteen hours in Stanford Medical Center. No statement has been made on his condition but he is believed to have sustained only minor injuries."[12] Butler was standing, although shaken, before being taken by the ambulance.

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